Why You Should Buy CBD from us and Not in the Pharmacy

Here is why Should Buy CBD from Mr. Smoke’s
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Here is why Should Buy CBD from Mr. Smoke’s

Rianna Meyer, head farmer at Pueblo’s Veritas Farms, has two major concerns regarding the growth of her 100,000 hemp plants. Hemp is a type of cannabis that has a close relation to marijuana.

The first is the plants’ potential absorption of harmful chemicals from their soil. The second is the two main compounds found in the plants. These are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which leaves users feeling stoned, and cannabidiol (CBD), which is gaining popularity as a natural remedy for many ailments.

There are thousands of CBD products on the market, which means that consumers also need to be wary when making a choice. The vendor choice is also important, as its best to go with one that has a stellar reputation such as Mr. Smoke.cbd | smoke shop in maryland

The product choices are about to get even more confusing based on the current CBD popularity trend. In 2016, the market was valued at $292 million. According to market researchers Brightfield Group, this is expected to reach $2.15 billion by 2021. Even Coca Cola is contemplating adding CBD to some of its beverages.

This kind of demand keeps Meyer on her toes. She states that cannabis plants create more THC if they are stressed out by unsuitable weather.

 CBD productscbd | smoke shop in maryland

This possibility is more worrisome to farmers than it is to consumers. This is because only plants with at most 0.3% THC are considered as “industrial hemp.” This allows them to be used in capsules, topical agents, etc. If the THC concentration is any higher, it becomes illegal to sell the products.

THC is not the only worry, however. Farmers such as Meyer, as well as consumers also need to worry about contaminants in the CBD products. According to testing firm Medicinal Genomics’ Kyle Boyar, cannabis plants easily absorb harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides. Boyar states that the only way to protect consumers from this contamination is to have cannabis plants frequently tested.

To date, 47 states have legalized CBD from hemp or marijuana. Some have legalized it from both sources. However, not many states require testing and the ones that do have no real standard. Therefore, consumers must take their health into their own hands in this regard. Meyer, at Veritas Farms, revealed that they do all that is necessary to grow healthy plants.

Pharmacies don’t always ensure that they only distribute products from vigilant farmers like Meyer. However, Mr. Smoke ensures that products sold are never ones that are detrimental to your health. Both Meyer and Mr. Smoke encourage consumers to learn as much as they can about the CBD products they purchase, the THC content, and their testing regime.