Where to Get CBD in Maryland

Where to Get CBD in Maryland
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CO2 extraction AKA- CBD

The labels of some CBD products state that their production involved “CO2 extraction.” This is an indication of how the CBD, as well as other ingredients, were extracted from the plants. CO2 extraction involves performing the extraction with high-pressure carbon dioxide instead of with chemical solvents. There are different kinds of CO2 extraction, and the one used is an indication of what was extracted. It is possible that other cannabinoids may have also been extracted apart from CBD. Be that as it may, this method may not necessarily be better or safer since it also requires solvent use.

There are numerous CBD products that are billed as either coming from or including “hemp oil.” Some manufacturers use that term interchangeably with the term “CBD oil.” This oil is extracted from hemp plants. Either the flowering tops, the resin, or the leaves are used to produce an oil that is rich in CBD. However, true hemp oil is that which is made using the seeds of the hemp plant. This oil has a low CBD content, and it is used in applications such as cosmetics, hemp-based soaps, and other products.

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Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of CBD

Avoid Sweeping Health Claims

Mr. Smoke advises that you avoid CBD products that market themselves around the ability to treat illnesses. This is only legal for prescription drugs. To gain that status, extensive research and conclusive testing are necessary. While CBD has shown promise for many conditions, the research around it is only conclusive where epilepsy is concerned. You should be especially wary when the claims start bordering on dramatic, such as the ability to heal both heart disease and cancer. The FDA has been cracking down on companies that sell CBD products and make bold unallowed claims. This is an operation that has been ongoing since 2015.

Where to Find CBD in Maryland

If you live in Maryland and you are looking for CBD products, you’re reading the right article. Mr. Smoke is your one-stop-shop for all the CBD wares you require. There are numerous forms of CBD products such as topical agents, pills, and oils that are all available at Mr. Smoke. The products sold are some of the best, and the manufacturers of these products abide by state and national regulations. There are even vape pens available that use solvent-free oils. Any other vape pens may contain propylene glycerol, which is an eye irritant, a nose irritant, an asthma inducer, and a carcinogen.