Where Does CDB Grow in the US

Where does CBD grow? 
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Where does CBD grow?

Many of the CBD products that are available are made from hemp and not marijuana. The source of said hemp is a vital piece of information to have.

Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon provide the bulk of the hemp used in US-based CBD products. The remainder of the hemp is imported from overseas locations. This information was provided by the Hemp Industry Association’s director, Colleen Lanier.

Of the sources mentioned, Ms. Lanier states that Colorado is known for having the most robust hemp program. This is because of the process that the plants go through before they are used to make products. The agricultural program is concerned with quality assurance throughout the entire growth cycle of the plants. This is the reason why inspections are done while these plants are still the field. These inspections investigate THC levels, as well as illegal pesticide use. Such pesticides can pose health risks to consumers. Mr. Smoke only offers hemp-based CBD products from sources such as Colorado to ensure consumers are not negatively affected.

Do FDA guidelines apply to CBD?

For the CBD products made from hemp that is grown overseas, integrity checks are a huge problem. This is because they technically don’t exist. As the hemp is important, state and federal testing requirements do not apply. This means that the FDA guidelines for acceptable manufacturing procedures don’t apply. Furthermore, there are no testing results that interested consumers can access.

It is recommended that you check the labels of all hemp-based CBD products to see where the hemp was grown. The best bet is to go with those from Colorado, which are available for purchase from Mr. Smoke. You should note, however, that many CBD products omit that information. If you run into this information problem, ask the seller just in case the data is available. Feel free to reach out to Mr. Smoke at any time about any product you purchased or any you are interested in purchasing.

CBD Amount

Apart from the hemp origin, you should always check how much CBD is in the products you buy. This should be checked at the dosage level. It is recommended that you begin with products that have low amounts, such as 10 mg of CBD per dose. Many of these products contain THC and other compounds. As they tend to omit the CBD ratio in many cases, you need to be careful, so you don’t end up with any unintended psychoactive effects.