What Is a Personal Air Filter?

There are many different products you may require to smoke. Examples of what you may need include a cigarette, a lighter, or water pipe depending on what you are smoking. Another important part about smoking is considering the effects that it has. Releasing smoke into the air can affect those around you especially when you are in an enclosed environment. When you use a personal air filter, you can limit the negative impact this has on others.

Effects of Smoke

When someone smokes a cigarette, for example, the process of combustion is initiated. The tobacco effectively burns to create and release many chemical compounds. The smoke contains water vapor and carbon dioxide, which are primarily harmless. Nicotine as the main active ingredient is also released. Incomplete combustion creates carbon monoxide. Other substances present in the smoke include tar and carcinogens like benzene.

When someone smokes, many of the substances mentioned are released into the air. Additionally, when the smoker exhales, more of the smoke is released. Smoking affects not only the health of the smoker but also of the people in their vicinity. The concept of second-hand smoking means that non-smokers can inhale air that contains many of the substances released in smoke. Studies have proved that over time, with repeated and heavy exposure to secondhand smoke, this can create a build-up leading to negative health implications.

Another consequence of smoking, particularly indoors and in closed environments, is the odor that it produces. The smoky smell is mainly caused by tar and other resins present. This is often unpleasant for people. The smoker may also find that their clothing and car carry this odor continuously.  

How Does a Personal Air Filter Work?

Personal filters are devices to tackle the unpleasant effects of smoking. If a smoker wants to limit their contribution to secondhand smoke and reduce the odor of their smoking, personal filters are a great tool.

Personal filters work in different ways. Some rely on activated carbon, and others use HEPA filters. The way these filters work is that when a smoker is ready to exhale the tobacco smoke, instead of releasing this into the air, they breathe into the personal air filter. The air filter serves to remove air contaminants at a molecular level.

When exhaled smoke passes through the personal air filter, the activated coal or charcoal binds to the loose electrons present in the smoke. This happens because the carbon is positive and the electrons are negatively charged. As a result, a lot of harmful chemicals are inactivated and prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Who Can Benefit from Using a Personal Air Filter?

Personal air filters are beneficial not just for smokers but also for non-smokers. Using these devices helps to minimize secondhand smoke and the volume of contaminants released into the air. It also decreases the odor produced significantly. Personal air filters allow smokers to smoke comfortably in many different places without inconveniencing or affecting other people.

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