What Is the Difference Between Stem vs. Stemless Water Pipes?

Deciding which kind of water pipe to use means you have to compare what is offered by each. Water pipes are also known as bongs as well as a number of other different names. They play an important role when you are smoking. You can choose between a water pipe with a stem or the newer stemless variation. The differences and benefits of each are looked at in this article.

What Is the Role?

The water pipe or bong is a filtration device used when smoking tobacco or other herbal substances. The water pipe looks similar to a hookah pipe but is smaller in size and more portable. It works by trapping water-soluble substances and heavier particles so that they do not end up in the smoker’s airways.

Water pipes are glass-blown vessels that come in different unique shapes and sizes but perform the same function outlined. They are very similar to a laboratory gas washer vessel. When the substance to be smoked is placed in the bowl and lit, it begins to burn and produce smoke. The smoke passes down the stem and passes through the water held in the bubbler. Here the heavy and soluble particles are caught, and then the remaining smoke goes up through the chamber to the mouthpiece.

The stem’s role is to allow the smoke to pass from the bowl to the bubbler base. For many water pipes without a carburetor, the stem and bowl sections can be detached from the rest of the vessel to allow fresh air to enter into the vessel.

What Is the Difference?

Traditionally, water pipes have been made with a stem. This stem is diagonally slanted from the bowl to the bubbler. These stems together with the bowls are removable.

steam pipe in Maryland

The new variations of stemless water pipes perform the same function but have some key differences. Stemless water pipes have a simpler design with less removable parts. The stem portion of the vessel is fused to the base and is vertically aligned. This type of water pipe is still able to hold water and allow for proper percolation.

steam pipe in Maryland

How to Choose a Water Pipe

There are some pros and cons of each type of water pipe. Both the water pipes with stems and without work well. Some benefits of the stemmed water pipes include these:

  • They are more popular and therefore more widely available.
  • Because they have a removable bowl and stem, if anything breaks, you can buy a replacement part easily.
  • When you want to switch to a different herb, you can insert another stem and bowl and start smoking fairly quickly.

The benefits of the stemless bongs include these:

  • The one-piece design makes cleaning easier and faster.
  • There are fewer pieces to lose or worry about.
  • They have better diffusion because of the vertical design.

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