What Are Dab Mats?

A dab mat can be a very useful tool to have. It is also referred to as a silicone mat or a dab pad and is usually made of silicone. It can perform a number of functions and has some key benefits, which are covered in this article.

What Is Dabbing?

Before you talk about what a dab mat is, you have to know what dabbing is. Dabs are cannabis in a concentrated form where the active components such as THC and CBD are extracted from plant buds. For this extraction process, carbon dioxide or butane may be used. When this is done, a sticky oil is produced. This is known as dabs, wax, or shatter among other names. The main compound found in dabs is THC, and dabbing is the act of smoking this. This is done in a dab rig, which is similar to a water pipe.

Dabbing is different from vaping, and it might help to know the differences. These options have different heating methods and health implications. For vaping, the cannabis material is heated using a direct hot plate to create the vapor. In dabbing, a hot nail is placed against the dabs or shatter to produce the needed heat. For both vaping and dabbing, temperature control is important because, above 365 degrees Fahrenheit, the process of combustion begins. This is more hazardous to health because it releases carcinogens from the burning of the tobacco or cannabis product.

What Do Dab Mats Do?

Dab mats are flat mats made out of sheets of silicone. One of the key properties of these mats is that they are non-stick. This is why they are used by dabbers or people who smoke dabs. Dabber can put their dabs onto these mats. They prevent the sticky and oily dabs from spilling onto the floor or another surface that the dabber is smoking near.

Dab mats are not made of silicone exclusively. Some variations are made out of rubber and related products. Dab mats come in different shapes and sizes and may have unique colors, designs, and artwork on them. Some dab mats have padding on them. The glass dab rigs can be placed onto these cushions. In this way, the mat serves as a resting spot for the glass and also prevents shock when the glass is put down.

Benefits of Using a Dab Mats

The functions of dab mats have been discussed. You can see that the main role of the dab mat is to serve as a protective mat. This includes protecting the floor from spilled dabs or protecting the dab rig glass from breaking.

The points mentioned are all important benefits of using dab mats. The dabber can smoke their dabs from just about anywhere without worrying about ruining the floor or kitchen counter. Besides the sticky dabs, other tools used in the process that might also be sticky can be placed onto the mat to protect other surfaces. Dab mats also make excellent coasters for the rigs and absorb shock while preventing slipping.

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