Two-Piece vs. Three Piece Grinders

Grinders are the unsung heroes of the smoking world. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to achieve a smooth consistency for your herbs on your own. Older methods of grinding were non-existent, and people used scissors or just their bare hands to get the herbs into a smaller size. However, from the large variety of grinders on the market today, thankfully this isn’t the case anymore. Here’s what you should know about using two-piece vs. three-piece grinders.

Two-Piece Grinders

The most minimalistic grinder out there, the two-piece grinder is all about getting the job done in the quickest way possible. This grinder usually consists of two pieces, the actual grinding bit and the chamber to hold the ground up herb. After a grinding session, the chamber is emptied out for use in bongs, bowls, or just a regular old rolling paper joint. These are usually the easiest to find and are the one of the most affordable types of grinders out there.


However, because these are so readily available, some grinders definitely compromise on quality. The design of the grinding points is often made of circular plastic. So, instead of actually cutting the herbs into smaller pieces, it ends up mashing them or just destroying the herbs altogether. This makes it unsuitable for smoking and also wastes your time and money. But, if you can stand imperfect herbs, a two-piece grinder is a great tool to have.

two pieces grinder Maryland
two pieces grinder

Three- Piece Grinders

If you want to spend a bit more money on a higher quality product, consider getting a three-piece grinder. Three-piece grinders are a bit fancier than two-piece ones because they have more storage capabilities. There’s an added sieve, or kiefing screen, that gathers the smallest of ground up herbs. These are useful for smoking when you need a quick smoke or want fast effects and taste. Because these are the smallest particles, they provide the strongest intensity of flavor and effect.


Three-piece grinders are generally of a higher quality than two-piece models are. However, this upgrade also means that you end up paying more for a grinder than you normally would. Some two-piece models work just as well as a three-piece one would, while some three-piece ones don’t even reach the quality of a two-piece grinder. Ultimately, it depends on the grinder you get, but generally speaking, the three-piece ones are of higher quality.

three pieces grinder Marylad
three pieces grinder

Which One is Better?

Deciding on which grinder model is better depends on what you’re going to use the ground up pieces for. For a general smoke, you can get away with using just a two-piece model. But if you’re looking for a very smooth consistency for using in edibles or CBD oil, it’s best to go with a more refined three-piece grinder. That way, you can catch the tiny pieces with the chamber and get the best product in the same cost.

The smaller size makes it easier to hide your bubbler, but is also helpful in carrying the product. Bubblers are much smaller than water pipes and bongs, so much so that they can easily fit into your pocket. Travel is a breeze, and you can carry your bubbler casually without using any special concealment products.

All in all, there are many benefits to using bubblers over standard hand pipes. If you’re still confused about bubblers, water bongs, or hand pipes in general, drop by Mr. Smoke MD to get an expert’s opinion and assistance on the matter.

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