The Three Types of Kratom

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If you have ever struggled to understand the Kratom types and their merits, you should not be after today. This is Mr. Smoke’s outline of all three and everything you need to know about them.


There are several strains of Kratom with names that start with “Borneo,” and this is for a good reason. Not only are they cultivated there, but the weather that is present is very conducive to this cultivation. It is no surprise, therefore, that Borneo is the largest Kratom exporter in the world.

Borneo strains are very concentrated with their 7-hyrdoxymitragynine composition. Due to the high amount of the compound that is present, the strains are very effective at sedation. In fact, they have the highest sedation potential in the entire Kratom market. Some people who have experienced the effect have stated that Borneo strains are even more effective than benzodiazepines and other prescription sedatives. With this much sedative power, it is wise for you to exercise both discretion and caution in use.

At inception, Borneo strains were used as a treatment for several medical conditions, which include insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Even today, the green veins of Borneo Kratom are a go-to treatment method for many people who are suffering from these conditions.

They are also very commonly used to treat people who have an opiate addiction, as they curb opiate cravings very well.

Finally, these strains act as both a stimulant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Note, that euphoria is possible following their use.

Bali Kratom

This strain has the distinction of being the most cost-effective one you can find on the market. Its cheap manufacturing process and wide availability are the reasons why it is made available cheaply.

Unlike most strains of Kratom that have a few effects, Bali Kratom has a variety for you to benefit from. Like Borneo Kratom, it also acts as a stimulant and offers pain relief; however, it also has several other purposes. One of these is appetite regulation. Bali Kratom can be used to either make your appetite stronger or weaker, which makes it a handy tool for weight regulation. A level of observation is required as you must note your body’s reaction to the strain before continued use.

You do need to exercise caution in your use of Bali Kratom as there are some popular side effects that it has. The “wobbles” effect is one of the most prominent. Stick to the recommended doses, or you may have a very uncomfortable experience.

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Indo Kratom

As the name suggests, Indo Kratom originates from Indonesia. The strain has been present there for millennia. There are various ways to produce it, and the Indonesian farmers are familiar with them all. Good quality Indo Kratom never has any issues, nor does it lead to any adverse reactions.

The strain has several benefits, such as curbing opiate withdrawal, mood improvement, pain relief, and sedation. As a pain reliever, it has a more long-lasting effect than other strains, which usually go on for only four hours.

Indo Kratom is less concentrated than other strains, which makes it a potent stimulant. There are three variations of Indo, which are:

  • Red vein – For mood enhancement, sedation, and pain
  • White vein – Analgesic
  • Super – Increased painkilling and relaxation

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