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When it comes time to shop for a new piece, it can be a fun but hard experience. You’ll find many options available, so it isn’t as easy as buying a bong or bowl by price. With so many glass pieces on the market, you can easily tell that some are significantly overpriced. However, when you browse the selection here, you will notice that they can be affordable and well-built.

How It Will Be Used

Remember that what works for your friend may not be ideal for you. Do you plan to use the new bowl on outdoor adventures? If so, then a thick, small piece is probably best. Are you going to primarily use it in the privacy of your own home? Then, a steamroller or bubbler might be right for you.

Those who want to go all out and show off their personal style may find a Sherlock or Gandalf pipe to work well. It actually looks similar to the pipe you see Sherlock Holmes use in the movies and television shows.DUGOUTS & CHILLUMS in smoke shop maryland

The smoking style also plays a part in which bowl is right for your needs. Do you enjoy an occasional and rare smoke, or do you frequently smoke and want to take huge rips? The best smoking pipe is the one that meets your unique requirements. If this is your first piece, a 3-inch or 5-inch basic spoon bowl is quite popular. Take the time to browse various designs to see which one appeals most to you.

Glass Thickness

Regardless of how careful you are, you’re bound to bump or drop the bowl at some point. Thinner pieces are more likely to shatter or crack than thick ones. Good pipes have some weight to them; you’ll be able to see that it will hold up with routine use. Glass thicknesses can range from 1mm up to 9mm. Find a piece closer to the 9mm side for better stability.

Glass Quality

Along with thickness, you also need to use high-quality glass. As a general rule, borosilicate or quartz glass are high-quality choices. However, the blower’s skill also plays a part. Imperfections should be expected and can create intricate designs, but too many are the sign of an inexperienced blower.smoking Pipes in Maryland

Make sure to check the pipe for two specific imperfections: scratches and bubbles. Both are considered normal in small quantities. However, if you see a lot of them, someone probably rushed while making it. This leads to faster wear and tear or breakage. Pay close attention to joins to ensure that there are no bubbles. Clean welds for the joints are a good sign; it indicates the blower knows what he/she was doing.


Even though many people claim they don’t care, aesthetics do matter. Your pipe is going to be a loyal companion for many years. It’s the heart of what you’re doing, so you want something that calls to you. Each pipe is unique, and there are many shapes, designs, styles, and colors available. Options can include color-changing glass, swirls, unparalleled artistry, and more. Choose one that will make you smile when you use it.


Sometimes, you can’t hold the pipe before making a purchase, especially if you shop online. However, look for something that will be easy to use. Pointy flairs can be cool to look at, but will you want to hold it every time you want to smoke? Instead, look for a piece that has a well-thought-out design and smooth curves.

Ergonomics are important because it needs to fit in your hand comfortably. Now is also the time to think about storage. For example, does the bubbler have weight so that it will sit on your shelf without falling over? Is the bottom flattened, so it doesn’t roll when you set it on the coffee table?

Cleaning It

You will be cleaning your pipe frequently (some people do it after each use). The bowl’s design can affect the ease of cleaning it. Avoid pipes with holes in the bottom, mouthpieces, and tiny carbs. These are impossible to get a tool inside to clear out any blockages.

Choose a Reputable Source

It’s best to work with a trusted source to make sure you’re getting the best. Consider visiting to view the variety of products that we offer.