The Differences Between a Lighter and Torch Lighter

When you want to enjoy a cigar, most people have heard that a lighter just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re worried that it might change the taste of the cigar or not, most aficionados claim it’s always best to use a torch lighter. However, you may be wondering about the differences between them before deciding to go out and purchase a torch lighter.

What Is a Lighter?

A traditional lighter is a portable device that creates a flame. It can be used to light many combustible materials, including gas stoves, cigars, candles, fireworks, and cigarettes. Primarily, the container (what you hold) is plastic or metal, and it comes pre-filled with flammable fluids, usually butane. However, you can find some lighters that use pressurized liquid gas. Either way, it’s a means to ignite the wick or flint inside to produce a flame. Some lighters come with a lid; you flip the lid to create the flame (and may have to press a button first,) and close the lid to extinguish the flame.


Sometimes, lighters can also use electricity to power them, which uses a heating element or electric arc to ignite the wick or other item producing the flame.

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What Is a Torch Lighter?

A butane torch lighter is a tool that can create a more intense and hot flame using a flammable gas, usually butane. You can purchase consumer-grade air butane torch lighters, which are usually designed to generate temperatures of up to 2,610 degrees Fahrenheit, though you aren’t likely to require such high temperatures. It’s important to note that at temperatures that high, you could melt many metals, including copper and aluminum. Plus, this temperature is hot enough that it could vaporize organic compounds.

Why Are Torch Lighters Preferable?

While some people swear that torches don’t affect the taste profile and traditional lighters do, it depends on your preferences. If you’ve always lit your cigars with a regular lighter, you may not know the difference.


However, torch lighters do produce a hotter flame, which means you don’t have to puff on the cigar to get it lit to your satisfaction. Therefore, you can light the cigar fully and then puff away and only taste the delicious burned cigar rather than the unburned product.


Of course, you also have the element of surprise and suspense when you light a cigar (or anything else) with a torch. The effect is much more satisfying because the torch is usually larger than a lighter and the flame is higher. Therefore, everyone around you is likely to be impressed when you light up.


Because the torch can vaporize organic matter, you may also want to use a torch to light herbs that you plan to smoke. You’re likely to get a more pleasant flavor and don’t have to deal with the stench of singed herbs.


In most cases, torches are the easiest way to light your product efficiently and quickly. Mr. Smoke offers both torches and lighters, as well as other products and accessories, so visit the company at for more information.

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