The Benefits of Bubblers

If you’re pretty familiar with smoking and know the different types of smoking tools, you’ve probably heard about bubblers. Bubblers are the latest in smoking technology that have stemmed from the famous water bongs, formally known as water pipes. As a cousin of the bong, bubblers utilize water to help smoke herbs. They function in the same way as water bongs do, but have a few key differences. Here are some of the benefits of using a bubbler over other methods of smoking.

Smoother Pull

Much like a water pipe, bubblers utilize the water in their chambers to smoothen out the smoke. When you inhale the smoke from a hand pipe, there could still be many fragments or pieces of debris in the smoke. These bits and pieces end up in your mouth, making for an unpleasant experience. But a bubbler takes care of that with water.


The bubbler uses the water to clean out all of these small pieces of debris before they head into the stem of the pipe. You won’t end up with small particles of ash or dust in your mouth because the water has already cleaned out the smoke. This small amount of water does a great job in providing a smoother pull for bubbler users.

Better Taste

As a result of using water, bubblers also provide a better taste for the herbs. The smoke from the burning herbs passes through the water before it reaches your mouth. This cleans the smoke and acts as a filter to its particles and flavors. You don’t experience a bitter after-taste with your herbs like you would with a regular hand pipe.

Not only does the water in your bubbler take out the bitter taste, but it also enhances the natural taste that’s left behind. Without the overwhelming taste of burned herbs, you can experience the actual taste of your product. That sounds like a much better smoking experience.

Smaller Size

A bubbler is very popular among young people because of its small size. You can use all of the concealment products and odor eliminators you want, but sometimes, you just can’t hide the fact that you’re smoking. This is where size plays a big role is whether or not you end up in hot water. Bubblers are essentially mini bongs. Some bubblers are as small as your index finger, while others can be as large as a small table bong. This makes a quick stash away easy because you can literally fit it in the palm of your hand.

The smaller size makes it easier to hide your bubbler, but is also helpful in carrying the product. Bubblers are much smaller than water pipes and bongs, so much so that they can easily fit into your pocket. Travel is a breeze, and you can carry your bubbler casually without using any special concealment products.

All in all, there are many benefits to using bubblers over standard hand pipes. If you’re still confused about bubblers, water bongs, or hand pipes in general, drop by Mr. Smoke MD to get an expert’s opinion and assistance on the matter.

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