The Advantages of Choosing Ground Glass Joints

Ground glass joints are primarily used in laboratories to easily and quickly fit together leak-proof products from parts that are readily available. It’s an improvement when compared to other options, including custom-made glassware. It took longer to create the glassware and was more expensive.

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Borosilicate Glass Pipes

Borosilicate Glass Pipes

While scientists use these joints, they are also popular for use in the smoking industry. Ground glass joints are primarily used in borosilicate glass pipes, which is becoming the industry standard because you get a product that is durable and doesn’t require rubber grommets (which can degrade in time). However, they are also size standardized, which means you are always going to have similar sizes from which to choose and can have a pipe that is similar to other pipes of the same size.

High Temperature Resistance

Borosilicate glass pipes work well at high temperatures; if you’re putting product in it to heat it and smoke it, the flame is going to be directly on the pipe or very close to it. You need glass that won’t crack or break, especially when shifting from a cold state to a warmed state. With borosilicate glass, you can also experiment with other options, such as ice-cube chilling and hot vapor water.

Because you don’t want to lose the oils and flavor, you can grind up just what you need to roll or vaporize, making it easier to get what you need when you desire it.


After spending a lot of money on a pipe, you don’t want to risk it breaking before its due date. While pipes aren’t designed to last forever, quality ones can last many years or decades. Borosilicate glass has a futuristic ability to resist breakage, though it isn’t shatterproof. However, it’s stronger than standard glass, so if you have pets that knock it off the table or friends with butterfingers, it’s not as likely to get damaged.

Easy/OK to Clean

Whether you use the pipe frequently or infrequently, you should clean it after every use. However, traditional pipe glass can’t withstand the serious cleaning you have to do to remove residue. Borosilicate glass is easy to clean, and the ground glass joints easily come apart and won’t get scratched.

Glass on Glass

Glass on glass (sometimes shortened to GoG) means that the bowl and stem use joints made of ground glass to create the airtight seal you need between them. Rubber grommets aren’t suitable because they wear down with use and can cause a mess if they give out while you’re using the pipe.

These joints are conically shaped fittings, usually with a frosted surface. You need a male and female part so that when they are fitted together, the seal is snug and airtight. The taper is the same regardless of where you purchase it or the size you choose. Along with such, you can find three primary sizes. The female part is usually slightly bigger than the male, but it’s not always the case.

While taper is the same regardless, the length of the joint can vary slightly. Most joints made in the US are shorter than those made in European countries, though it isn’t likely to affect fit. Therefore, you can purchase pipes and a variety of accessories without fear that they won’t fit together.

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