Stemline vs. Inline Smoking Pipes

The smoking world today has come a long way from what it used to be. These days, you can find a pipe in just about any size and color, not to mention funky and creative designs. Among the different pipes you can purchase, two popular design styles are stemline and inline smoking pipes. Along with their differences in shape, these two designs have their own pros and cons. To a new smoker, it might seem like they’re practically the same, but a visit to Mr. Smoke MD- the best head shop in Maryland, is the best way to meet knowledgeable staff who can explain the differences effectively.

Inline pipes in Maryland

Inline Smoking Pipes

Inline smoking pipes are the older versions of smoking pipes. Generally speaking, this type of pipe takes up more room than a stemline pipe would. There a few reasons for that, but it’s mainly due to the design. In an inline smoking pipe, the percolator of the bong (the part used to diffuse the smoke and heighten the intensity of the hit) has its own separate chamber, so the smoke has to travel a bit farther to go through the stem and reach it.

Additionally, the fused stem isn’t attached to the same chamber as the percolator. So, the time it takes for the smoke to reach it is extended further. Having these chambers around each other, but not in a compact way, makes for a bulkier smoking pipe. Plus, the more space the pipe takes up, the more likely it is to break during travel or even passing it from person to person. While the inline smoking pipe is a classic design, there are newer styles that produce the same results, but are easier to manage.

Stemline Smoking Pipes

Once you understand how an inline smoking pipe works, it’s pretty easy to figure out how a stemline pipe is slightly better suited to take on herbs. Again, the difference with this type of pipe is in its design. Although the change is small, it makes a huge difference. In a stemline pipe, the percolator is closer to the stem of the pipe, so the whole chamber fits within the width of the pipe’s base. This helps in two ways. For one, it gives the pipe a smoother appearance, and it also makes it easier for the user to carry the pipe around.

On top of that, the close proximity of the percolator to the stem allows for quick timing because the smoke has to travel less to make it through the system. It’s a one way shot to the diffuser, and less travel means more potency. The intensity of the substance is maintained along the way and it also burns slightly longer in this type of pipe.

While both stemline and inline smoking pipes work well, the stemline’s refined design gives it an edge over the inline. Not only does the slight change make it easier to carry the smoking pipe, but it also makes for better smoking quality and more bang for your buck on your herbs.  

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