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Any home is likely to have valuables that the occupant(s) may not wish to be seen by the prying eyes of visitors. The items in question don’t necessarily need to be valuables in the traditional sense of cost. They can oftentimes simply be items that are linked to a hobby or practice you don’t want others to know about, or you prefer to not be asked about. Sometimes, it is not necessarily a matter of trust, but simply one of privacy that compels persons to look for hiding areas for these valuables. The decision is taken in many cases to purchase a form of traditional storage for the items but that also raises curiosity. Consider elegant jewelery pieces for example. Instead of having them laid out and getting attention from curious eyes and hands, you may opt to purchase a jewelery lock box to reduce the appeal. However, almost anyone you invite into your home knows what a jewelery lock box looks like and while the jewelery is no longer in the open, the box can arguably raise the level of curiosity even more as your guests may now start to wonder and want to know what is inside.


Just like in any other situation where creating a distraction is the optimal course of action, that also applies to these kinds of situations and that is where a convenient alternate form of storage that raises no suspicion comes in handy. For this purpose, many persons opt to use stash cans.

What is a Stash Can?

Stash cans a containers that create a diversion based on their outward appearance and so people are non the wiser about what is actually stored inside. Usually the containers chosen are branded for personal care products, household products, and even food containers. The branding attached is that of a well known product and the can is typically indistinguishable from the original. For example, a stash can may take the form of a genuine looking Old Spice can, or a bottle of Arizona Energy Drink.

The top of the container is usually removable and allows discreet storage of valuables within them. Further confidentiality is achieved by simply storing these cans in places where products of the brand indicated by the can are usually stored. Is there a shelf in your home where you keep things such as insect spray? Then you can consider getting an insect spray branded stash can, putting your valuables inside, and putting it on that shelf.


Not only are these containers indistinguishable from their genuine conterparts, but they are also sometimes even weighted to appear as if they are full of the product that the can indicates.


These cans allows persons to hide valuables such as emergency cash, jewelry, and even a cannabis stash in plain sight.

Where to Get a Stash Can

If you are interested in protecting your private interests with a stash can, then you can take a look at the official Mr. Smoke website located at, as you can find numerous offerings for these kinds of storage purposes.

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