Standard Pipes vs. Stealth Pipes

The smoking world today has come a long way from what it used to be. These days, you can find a pipe in just about any size and color, not to mention funky and creative designs. Among the different pipes you can purchase, two popular design styles are stemline and inline smoking pipes. Along with their differences in shape, these two designs have their own pros and cons. To a new smoker, it might seem like they’re practically the same, but a visit to Mr. Smoke MD- the best head shop in Maryland, is the best way to meet knowledgeable staff who can explain the differences effectively.

Standard Pipes

Standard pipes are just your average pipe. You can find a standard pipe at any reputable smoke shop because it’s a classic piece in the smoking world. The design of a standard pipe is where it really shines. Depending on the material, a standard pipe lasts for several years if you maintain it correctly, especially if it’s made of metal. The way this type of pipe is designed also allows you to thread the components together. Not only does this make for easy clean up, but you can also disassemble the parts to make travelling easier.

Unfortunately, even a sturdy piece like a standard pipe has its flaws. The metal material heats up pretty quickly, so you either have to cool it down as you smoke or just smoke quickly. No one likes to rush these things, but it all depends on how much you’re using it. These types of pipes also have a metallic after taste. Again, with the way this product is designed, this makes sense and is just a part of the package. The standard pipe may have its ups and downs, but it’s still a dependable pipe nonetheless.

Standard Pipes vs. Stealth Pipes

Stealth Pipes

Not everyone wants to use a pipe that looks like a pipe. In some cases, it’s better to lay low than to openly use a pipe and that’s where stealth pipes come into play. These pipes are designed to be hidden in plain sight. They’re perfect for when you want to smoke, but don’t want to attract attention. These are also great for travelling because they don’t look like pipes at all and are usually easy to carry.

Ring shaped pipe in Maryland
Stealth pipes in Maryland
Marker shaped pipes in Maryland

Stealth pipe designs are getting more creative by the day. You can find them hidden in many ordinary items. Things like highlighters, rings, pens, and credit cards are just a few of several clever designs for these pipes. You can find these pipes, along with all the other necessary smoking equipment at Mr. Smoke MD – the best smoke shop in Maryland.

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