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Smoking is intended to be a relaxing experience for those who engage in it. It is a fairly simple process, which is why it is chosen by many as their form of relief and escape. Be that as it may, there are a few kinks involved in the process that can be tad annoying to deal with. A couple of these issues are the ashes that build up during smoking or the resin that can be left on the hands. Luckily, Mr. Smoke has several tools in stock that are specially crafted to tackle different smoking related kinks in order to provide you with the smoothest smoking experience that is possible. The tools to be reviewed in this piece are roach clips, pokers and picks, dabbers, and ashtrays. Hopefully, after reading this you never have to endure any smoking struggle that these tools can assist with again.

Roach Clips

The first useful tool on the agenda is the roach clip. Cigarettes usually have either a tip or filter, which is an area that protects the hand the smoker uses to hold the cigarette. This protection is from both burns and residue.

Unfortunately, not all cigarettes have these and so these risks can become a bit of a nuisance. The roach clip is used for gripping the end of cigarettes to protect your hands in these cases. See the image and text below for a brief look at roach clips.


Cigarettes are made with a higher concentration of inorganic compounds than other tobacco products. These ingredients are used to ensure a consistent and even burn after a cigarette is lit. The result of this mix that contains compounds such as potassium nitrate is that the burn leaves a residue of ash. For obvious reasons, allowing this ash to fall in random places is not a good idea. Responsible smokers ensure that the ash residue from their cigarettes is collected in some sort of container such as an ashtray and properly disposed of. See the below image for more on ashtrays.


Dabbing is one of the more recent practices in the world of cannabis use. To put it simply, dabbing refers to an activity where cannabis concentrates are vaporized after being placed on a heated surface followed by inhalation. The concentrates used here are of a strong variety and, therefore, dabbing is a very delicate process. Alongside other requirements such as cannabis extract and a torch, a dabber is the primary tool needed for dab application. See the image below for further information on dabbers.

Pokers and Picks

The final tools to be discussed are pokers and picks. These serve the purpose of cleaning for a pipe. Pokers are less specific as you do not technically need to purchase a poker. Once you have something with the required length that can poke around the pipe and its bowl, then you have a poker. Picks on the other hand are specialized, however, the purpose they serve is no different. See a brief outline of pokers and picks below.

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