Smoking Pipes in Maryland

Smoking Pipes

Smoking is something different for everyone. You may only smoke when you’re hanging out with your friends and want to chill, or smoking may be an activity that you like to do alone. People also have different preferences of exactly how and what they smoke. On top of that, there are so many different ways to get those herbs into your system. Oils, edibles, tinctures…it’s almost impossible to get bored with all of the options.

Despite the different preferences everyone has when it comes to smoking, there’s one method that has been around ever since smoking became popular, and that’s using some form of smoking pipe to get the job done. Bongs, hand pipes, and joints; they’re all different ways to get the product into your body and provide an easy and fast method of experiencing your products. Some pipes give the user a stronger high, while others, not so much. If you’re confused about the different smoking pipes out there, here’s a little guide to help you figure out which tool to try.

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Smoking Pipes & Bongs in Maryland

Hand Pipe

First off, we have the tried-and-true, most basic, but not boring, method of smoking, the hand pipe. The hand pipe is useful because it usually comes in a small size, making it perfect for traveling with and using on the go. It can easily fit into a backpack or other bag, and works well to instantly give you the effects of whatever herb you’re using. There are also different makes of hand pipes. You can get glass versions with cool designs or plastic ones that are more durable and sturdy or even wooden hand pipes if you like the old-school feel. These serve as a good starting point for new smokers because they’re effective.

Bong/Water Pipe

Next, we have the water pipe, or more commonly known on the street, the bong. A bong is basically just a bigger hand pipe. Bongs can be made with mostly anything that hand pipes are made out of, except that people have managed to make bongs with just about anything they have at home. A bong usually has a long neck with a ‘bowl,’ or area to burn the herb you’re using, and a chamber that holds the smoke once the herb has been lit. The water you pour into a bong (hence, why it’s also called a water pipe) keeps the smoke cool enough for you to inhale. Bongs are great if you want to get more effect when smoking an herb, but these pipes aren’t easy to travel with because of their larger size and odd, fragile shape. A bong still makes for a relaxing night in, though, so consider one of these if you like to smoke at home.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are so popular today because of how well they work in social situations. You can easily share and pass them around, making it possible for everyone to have some fun. Rolling papers are easy to find and pretty cost-efficient. Rolling herb in them takes a bit of practice though, and inexperienced users tend to use too much or too little herb to make a proper roll. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to quickly and efficiently use rolling paper to greatly enhance your smoking experience.  

Finding out which pipe is best for you is all a matter of trying out each method and seeing what works best for your style. Mr. Smoke has friendly and helpful staff members who are trained in all things related to smoking and are ready to help you get the right pipe if you’re a little confused.

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