Smoke Odor Candles Vs. Masking Sprays

As a smoker, one of the biggest issues you have after enjoying a relaxing smoke is the odor that is left behind. Even if not for your own benefit, you know that the smell can be a bit off-putting for those around you.

As a result, you may be wondering what the best and most efficient way is to do so. Mr. Smoke has two answers for you in the form of smoke odor candles and masking spray. Both items help to mask the unwanted smell in different ways and below is a brief look into both alternatives.

Mr. Smoke understands your needs in this regard and the extent to which this is a choice than needs to be made correctly in a single attempt. Therefore, below is an outline of two such containment alternatives. These are hard cases and padded bags. Hopefully, your choice is made easier after reading this.

Smoke Odor Candles

Smoke odor candles, while fundamentally different, work in a similar manner to other scented candles you use. Typical scented candles have particles within them that are responsible for stimulating your sense of smell. These stay within the candle until it is lit. At this point the process of diffusion takes over, which means particles naturally travel to areas of low concentration, i.e., the rest of the room. This creates the spreading smell that you detect once these candles are lit.

Smoke odor candles work in a similar manner; however, their composition does smore than simply spreading a smell. Additionally, the particles that emanate from these candles seek out and neutralize other odors such as those that float around as a result of smoking.

This means that you can light up your cigarette, cigar, blunt, or pipe without worry of how you can get rid of the scent after. Below is an image and a brief description of one such candle.

Masking Spray

You also have the option of using masking spray as an alternative of Masking Spray. A masking spray, much like the candle alternative, works by seeking out and eliminating the odor associated with smoke. It does this by seeking out bacteria in the air that causes the traditional smoke smells then it and destroys them.

The spray can be used in the air and can be used in vents or on furniture. The precise application allows for effective odor elimination as the bacteria mentioned above can seep into various materials. The pressured contents of a spray allow for strong concentrated bursts of odor fighting particles to be released. Check out the below image, which contains a brief outline on masking sprays.

Which Should You Choose?

Your choice for smoke odor elimination depends on several factors but you should remember that regardless of what you choose, both are proven effective methods of battling the scent of smoke.

Storage – This is an important consideration in your decision as sprays are usually under pressure in the containers used and so it is recommended to keep them away from unusually hot environments. If your environment fits that bill, you may be better off using a candle.

Power – Candles typically have a slower, less intense, diffusion type approach to odor elimination, while sprays use bursts of concentrated liquid to quickly overpower bacteria leading to smoke odors.

No matter what your choice may be, Mr. Smoke has both in stock, in addition to a host of other products to enhance your smoking experience. You can visit the official Mr. Smoke website at

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