Rolling Paper for Beginners

Many smokers of various products find that they dislike pipes and other smoking-related paraphernalia, preferring the traditional rolled product. Whether you enjoy smoking herbs or traditional tobacco, rolling papers are a common and easy way to get your fix and are necessary if you don’t like pipes.


You can find a variety of rolling paper styles made with different materials, such as rice, cellulose, and flax. However, wood pulp and hemp are still the most popular with rice papers coming in a close third.


If you choose rolling papers that were manufactured in Spain, you’re likely to notice that some materials are easier to roll than others. For example, rice papers are harder to roll than wood pulp. However, if you desire a slower burn, rice papers are the best option. In a sense, hemp is the middleman when it comes to ease of rolling, burn rate, material taste, smokeability, and impact on the environment with rice and wood-pulp products being the two that change more frequently.

Hemp papers have been around for centuries, but they’ve only become popular in the last seven decades. With marijuana being industrialized, these rolling papers are more popular and can add a slightly sweet note to the smoke experience. They make an excellent choice for beginners.


Rice papers, on the other hand, are a popular choice, but they are challenging to roll because they are so thin. If you have sweaty fingers or moisture on the hands at all, it’s impossible to roll it effectively. Therefore, it’s not recommended for newbies, though you may want to purchase some inexpensive ones and practice using them.

Does the Size of the Joint Vary According to Your Weight?

The next question focuses on how wide/slim to roll the product and how tall it should be. While most people don’t roll tobacco or cannabis products based on the person’s particular weight, you should take into consideration the weight of the product. Along with such, you should determine who is going to be a part of the smoke session; if it’s just you smoking alone, a single wide might be enough. However, if you plan to roll a larger joint for use throughout the day (or week), you may want to make it a king slim (at 1.25 inches) or a king size (at 1.5 inches).


A single is going to be 68 to 70 mm in length with a width of 34 to 36 mm while a double is 76 to 78 mm in length and 63 to 88 mm in width. Along with such, the 1 1/4-inch roll is 76 to 78 mm in length with a width of 45 to 48 inches while the 1 1/2-inch roll is the same length with a width of 60 to 62 mm.


The King and King Slim versions are usually the same lengths (between 100 and 110 mm) with the King Slim having a width of 42 to 46mm and the King having a width of 55 to 60 mm.


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