Rick Simpson Oil

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If medical marijuana interests you, chances are you have heard about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). It is concentrated cannabis oil, which had medical merits. Its biggest benefit is in fighting cancer. Wondering who Rick Simpson is, or how it came about? Have a look below.

The Story of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is someone whose fame was unintentional. Before the oil had his name, and before cannabis was mainstream, Rick was a hospital engineer in Canada in 1997.

He worked on covering the asbestos with a strong aerosol glue, in the hospital’s boiler room. He went through a temporary shock to his nervous system, as the boiler room was not properly ventilated. This caused him to hit his head as he fell off a ladder. The ordeal knocked him out, and upon waking up, he managed to contact co-workers, who rushed him to the emergency room.

The incident caused him to suffer ear ringing and dizzy spells thereafter for years. The medication was prescribed to him, which only made his symptoms worse.

is rick simpson oil legal?He saw a documentary about the medical merits of cannabis and spoke to his doctor about the same. His doctor did not approve of it. He went ahead and used it anyway, and it greatly helped his tinnitus, as well as reduced his other symptoms.

He saw three strange bumps on his arm in 2003, which his doctor said looked cancerous. A biopsy revealed that the bumps were basal cell carcinoma, which is skin cancer.

Rick heard about a study done by the National Center Institute. In this study, THC was believed to have killed cancer cells in mice. As he already had confidence in cannabis, Rick decided to use it as a topical agent. He used concentrated cannabis oil on a bandage and placed it over the bumps for four days.

When he removed the bandage, the bumps were no more. Simpson believed in cannabis more than ever, despite his doctor’s disapproval.

He started growing his own cannabis after this as he planned to create his own concentrated form of it. This is how RSO was born, and he intended to provide it to those in need for free. Over 5000 persons were treated through his efforts.

There were hurdles though such as his being arrested in Canada. He also had to deal with the cutting down of 2600 of his plants by Canada’s Royal Mounted Police, as well as multiple raids of his home. He was not deterred, however, and even now spreads the word about his work.

How to cook RCO at home
Remember to use high-quality flowers

How to Make Your Own RSO at Home

Its’s not hard to make yourself some RSO at home, especially since the process is like making cannabutter. Rick recommends the use of Indica strains of cannabis for the best results. You can swap this for any strain that is best suited to your condition.

The recipe below makes 60 grams, which can provide 90 days of treatment. You can adjust it for smaller quantities if you wish.


  • A pound of dried cannabis
  • Two gallons of 99% isopropyl solvent
  • A five-gallon bucket
  • A deep bowl
  • A wooden spoon
  • Cheesecloth
  • A rice cooker
  • A syringe with a plastic catheter tip


  1. Place the cannabis into the bucket and pour the solvent in until it is covered.
  • Crush and stir the plant material using your spoon as you add more solvent. Stir for three minutes to allow adequate dissolving of the THC
  • Using your cheesecloth, drain the solvent from your plant material, and place the drained material back into the bucket. Add more solvent and stir for three minutes.
  • Drain again with the cheesecloth and discard leftover plant material.
  • Fill up the rice cooker to the ¾ level with the solvent and turn it on.

Note that you don’t need a rice cooker, but it is quite useful for maintenance of a steady, slow temperature, Crockpots, and slow cookers are not recommended.

  • Decarboxylation occurs once the rice cooker stays between 201-230 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The rice cooker’s heating slowly evaporates the solvent. Gradually add more of your mixture to it.

Note that you should be using a well ventilated and open area. The mixture is highly flammable.

  • After evaporation, get the oil into your syringe for easy dosage control. The oil is thick, so you may need to apply hot water to the syringe administration.
rick Simpson oil Maryland
All you need to know about rick Simpson oil

How to Use RSO

Use RSO at your own discretion and discuss it with a physician if you can.

For the first week, use three doses daily eight hours apart. Doses should be the size of half a rice grain. For the next four weeks, double the dosage every four days. For the next seven weeks, take one gram daily till you’ve finished it all.

The taste is quite bitter so consider mixing it with other foods. Be sure to check out the official Mr. Smoke website for more informative guides such as this one.