Regardless of how long you have been smoking, chances are you’ve had the experience of taking a hit and subsequently coughing a lot. Sometimes, the coughing is so intense that it results in tears. What happens in this situation is that the lungs have been filled as much as possible with both pressure and smoke. The act of coughing after this is an involuntary one that helps the body to release said pressure and smoke.


Chances are your cough is also accompanied by a strange sensation in the throat. It has been described as a “tingly” sensation at the back of the throat. This feeling also comes before you cough, and it has a great deal to do with how the smoke travels and the device that the person is using to smoke.

Those who simply smoke a blunt are less affected by this if at all. The real affected individuals are those that have some sort of a bong, which is either a glass rig, or a water pipe. There are times when persons decide to smoke directly from the chamber, which is a guaranteed way to ensure that the coughing begins. The coughing experienced, however, does not always have to be the case when the device used has a percolator.

What is a Percolator?

A percolator is built to address these issues by providing a smoother smoking experience. It is  an extra chamber that assists with the coughing issue by making the smoke more conducive for inhalation. The temperature of the smoke is a big factor, and so the percolator allows for a higher smoke to water ratio. This means that the smoke goes through a cooling process, which causes the body to be more receptive to it.


The device can be looked at as a bong filter as its purpose is just converting unacceptable smoke into a more readily accepted version. If you’re a smoker, there’s no question that you need to get a bong that has a percolator. They are available on many different bongs and you can choose from several designs that not only cool the smoke as mentioned before, but they also have an impact on the velocity of smoke as it moves through a pipe/bong.

Where to Buy

Mr. Smoke, which is a website that provides all your smoking necessities, is a perfect place for you to look for a pipe that has a percolator by default. If you are interested, you may browse the by visiting the official Mr. Smoke website at In addition to numerous accessory options, the site provides hand and water pipes that are as good at performing their designated task as they are aesthetically pleasing. Of course, these pipes have percolators to ensure that your smoking experience is a smooth one not riddled with coughing.


Smoking with a bong/pipe is supposed to be a relaxing experience. This relaxation is hampered whenever high temperature smoke and pressure build in the lungs and causes coughing. Percolators alleviate this and it is recommended that you purchase pipes/bongs that have them built in such as those available at Mr. Smoke.

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