How to Smoke in College Dorms

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After a long day of classes and learning, you just want to chill out and hang. Some people prefer to play games to wind down, but others like to enjoy smoke-able herbs.

Many people don’t feel comfortable smoking in their dorm rooms. Whether the smell lingers or you don’t want to bother a roommate who doesn’t partake, we offer a few tips to keep the scent at a minimum while still allowing you to enjoy yourself.

Tips to Smoke in Your Dorm

Regardless of whether it’s your room or your friends, be careful. Make sure you’re following the law and that everyone around you is comfortable with it. It’s ideal to be respectful to everyone involved.


If you want to smoke discreetly, it’s best to use a dry herb vaping pen. Most people claim that herbal vaping doesn’t smell, but it does. Doing it incorrectly or while using a device that isn’t efficient can omit odors. However, the good news is that these pens look like other writing utensils.VAPORIZER in smoke shop maryland

Consider a convection vaporizer, as they come with temperature controls. If the temperature is lower, the vapor smell isn’t as pungent.

Location Where You’ll Smoke

When smoking indoors, it is ideal to be close to a window. Once the smell goes out, it’s forever gone. Plus, you can keep your window open after to help air out the room to prevent that stuffy, stale odor. Two windows offer even better circulation. It might also be a good idea to use a damp towel and put it at the bottom of the door to keep the smell from getting into the hall.

Airflow in the Room

Airflow is highly important. If possible, consider getting a portable fan that stands up vertically. Oscillation is also key and will help to keep the air moving. You may even find fans with a built-in humidifier.

If your room has its own a/c unit, you should also change the air filter frequently. A clean air filter will pick up more odors and keep them contained.

Try Incense

Sometimes, it’s tricky to use incense, but it can work well. You don’t want anything that has an overpowering smell. It can be alarming to others who pass by. While you can make excuses, such as that you were doing yoga, it’s still best to choose a light smell.

The goal here is to mask the smoke without bringing too many more smells into the room. If you’re worried about incense, you can also use Ozium. This is a spray that neutralizes odors. It’s strong, so you won’t need a lot of it, but it smells ‘clean’ and doesn’t make you appear to be hiding other smells.

Use a Glass Pipe

Though it can seem counterintuitive, glass pipes and a lighter could be the best way to smoke. While glass spoon pipes work well, one-hitters are more discreet. Just pack a few herbs in it and take your hit. The bowl won’t continue smoking while you exhale.hand pipe in smoke shop maryland

Also, make sure you clean out your device often. Resin-filled pipes are going to produce more smells than a clean one.

Ghost the Hit

You need to gain some experience to smoke discreetly. If you’re not sure how to handle it, you must always remember to minimize the amount of smoke. Ghosting your smoke means that it disappears before it comes out of the mouth. To do this, you shouldn’t scorch the dry herbs for too long. Be quick about it and ensure that there’s no cherry on the end.

There is another way to ghost the hit by inhaling the smoke and keeping it in the lungs as long as possible. Slowly blow out so that the smoke doesn’t plume.

Go Outside

If you like to roll your herbs, it’s going to be quite stinky, though highly satisfying. Therefore, you may want to go outside and take a walk.

Use a Stash Can

A stash can is a smoking accessory that you may come to love. This allows you to put out the smoke if someone pops in so that they don’t suspect anything. These products use a vacuum-tight seal, which means no smell comes out.

For those looking for products to help them enjoy their herbs discreetly, now might be the time to visit We have a variety of items that will help you relax the way you want.