How Many People in the US Use CBD?

How Many People in the US Use CBD?
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Percentage of CBD users in the US

Based on data collected in June – July by Gallup, 14% of adults in the United States are currently using CBD products. This comes after federal law legalized the use of this hemp version of cannabis last year. It is the younger US citizens and the western-based ones that have reported doing so to the highest degree. The reason highlighted is that they achieve the therapeutic effects desired without causing any psychoactive effects. This is because these products have a low concentration of THC.

What is CBD? | smoke shop in maryland
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Though the federal legalization took place last December, research is still ongoing by the FDA. You should also note that some states still disallow its use. Based on the poll conducted by Gallup, another 50% of Americans are aware of the products but choose not to use them, while 35% are not familiar with them at all.

As stated before, it seems as if the bulk of the users are younger adults. When adults less than 30 years old were questioned about their CBD use, 20% of them stated that they use products based on the compound. However, this number declines as the age group increases. When people aged 65 and over were asked the same question, only eight percent of them have used any CBD products, while 49% of them are unaware that these products even exist.

Gallup reports that this trend is like that of marijuana usage as younger adults allude to its use than older ones.Smoke shop in Maryland

On a regional level, 21% of people located in the western region of the US are CBD product users. In the south, 13% of people use the products, while the east and the Midwest both have 11% CBD product usage in adults. You should note that marijuana use was legal for a long time in western states, and so CBD products were made available to them long before this was ever the case in other states.

Why CBD Is Used

The FDA is still researching the effectiveness and applications of CBD; however, marketers of many of these products, such as those sold by Mr. Smoke, have alluded to numerous therapeutic and health benefits. US-based users have reported using CBD products for pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, etc. This data also indicates that women use CBD more for anxiety, while men use it more for insomnia.

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Since the cultivation of hemp became lawful in December, many CBD products have been made available through channels such as Mr. Smoke.

Just about half of Americans are unaware of the products. Younger adults tend to use the products, though older Americans may stand to benefit more. This is because the aches and pains associated with old age may be ailments that CBD is perfect for.