Hemp Pros and Cons

As the name suggests, hemp paper is comprised of the pulp extracted from industrial hemp fiber. The resulting product is usually used in cigarette and cannabis applications, however, it has other even more popular applications such as its use in banknotes. While it is more costly to produce than traditional paper, which is made from wood pulp, a comparison between the two generally favors hemp paper. This is because not only does it offer the benefit of longer fibre, but it is also more tear resistant and has more tensile strength.


Manufacturing hemp paper begins with the breakdown of the most optimal fibers found within the outer stem layer of the hemp plant. This results in a pulp that is then molded into the required size and shape using a special frame that was created for paper making purposes. This frame is known as a deckle. The process doesn’t differ much from that which is used in the creation of traditional wood paper, however, the hemp is quite a bit more eco-friendly. A hemp plant can reach full maturity in a period of only four months, which means production of hemp paper can theoretically take place on a more consistent basis than production of wood paper. The associated cost, however, prevents that from being a reality as it can be as much as five times as much as the cost of wood paper production.


As stated before, hemp paper can be used in the area of smoking and this means it is used to make up the outer body of cigarettes, but can also be used a form of rolling paper. Therefore, those who are interested in making a blunt for smoking can make use of this paper for that reason. Of course, there are alternative materials that are used more commonly, and there are advantages and disadvantages to using hep paper in the place of these. Below is a review of some of these.

Advantages of Choosing Hemp Paper

If you decide to make hemp paper your choice as opposed to the traditonal rolling paper materials, then you can benefit from the following pros:

  • The sturdy nature of hemp paper means it is less susceptible to tearing. This means there is less need to be careful during construction, transport, and use of the blunt.
  • Hemp paper is made from a renewable source, which is the aforementioned hemp plant
  • The high friction associated with hemp paper makes it optimal for the rolling process
  • Based on what is needed, hemp paper is a sustainable product
  • Hemp paper is more durable than traditional paper and so the burn rate is slower than wood based paper

Disadvantages of Choosing Hemp Paper

Nothing is completely advantageous and hemp paper is no different. Here are some cons of going the hemp route:


  • Seasoned connoisseurs may have a hard time with the rolling of the thick material as it can be a bit uncomfortable
  • The source means there is an earthly taste, which can be offputting to some persons
  • It has a waxy feel, which raises questions in the mind of some persons about the source


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