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Finding a smoke shop or head shop can be difficult if you’re new to the area. You probably already know that a lot of times, the best head shops are the ones the locals love. Even if they don’t seem like it from the outside, what they have on the inside really takes the cake and keeps customers coming back for more. Finding out which head shop is a favorite among the people who live around that area is the best way to find good quality smoking products and get excellent customer service every time. Here are some of the products offered at Mr. Smoke MD that can give you a great smoking session from start to finish.

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The Best Herb Grinders in Maryland

Herb Grinders

Herb grinders are really useful if you like DIY products. The thing with using large buds of herb is that they have the tendency to rip through the rolling paper if the pieces are too big. Similarly, even if though you may love the effects of herbs in your edibles, no one wants to taste a huge chunk of it in a bite. That’s where these herb grinders come into use. You can use one to grind down any herb into smaller pieces that are perfect for adding to a recipe. It’s also great for grinding down herbs into very fine powder for rolling or for smoking pipes. Mr. Smoke has a large variety of herb grinders in different styles and form different companies that you can try out.


A big part of smoking is having good herbs to get the effect you’re looking for. A good smoke shop has tons of variety in the different types of herbs and the strains that go with each herb. You need to choose a trusted smoke shop, so you know that you’re getting the highest quality in products at a price that’s affordable for you. Whether you want something well-known and very popular like CBD, or are looking for something more exotic like Kratom, Mr. Smoke has something for you.

Smoking Pipes

Once you have your herbs in check, you need the tools that allow you to smoke them in the best way. If a smoke shop doesn’t have a good selection of smoking pipes, you might want to reconsider and look somewhere else to get your smoking products. There are literally tons of different styles and models of smoking pipes, and your smoke shop should reflect that. Mr. Smoke has the latest models of smoking pipes, including new designs of hand pipes, bongs, E-cigs, vapes, and good old rolling papers.

Odor Eliminators

We all know that smoking requires a special kind of cleanup process when everything is done. Once you’ve had a good smoking session and it’s time to wind down, you want something that eliminates any odors left from the session. Lingering smells and odors are hard to get rid of, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time smoking in a closed area. Mr. Smoke has different odor eliminators that can neutralize the smell of smoke and burning herbs through many different candles and aerosol sprays. Light a candle for a couple of minutes or quickly spray one of the bottles, and your room is left as if nothing had happened in it. Odor eliminators are good to have on hand, especially if you like to smoke discreetly.

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