Does CBD Have Benefits for Your Immune System?

Does CBD Have Benefits for Your Immune System?
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If you’ve been in the health and wellness world than chances are you’ve heard the term “immune health” The term is usually used to describe habits and products that help boost your immune system.

One of the newest products to have this term assigned to it is CBD oil. CBD oil is new to the market, and not much is known about its benefits and just how it works.

However, the small handful of studies that have been conducted on CBD have found that the oil, along with other cannabinoids, can improve your immune system and general health.

An Overview of The Immune System

If it weren’t for our immune system, we would be dead in minutes. Deadly viruses and bacteria’s litter the air, and we are exposed to millions of them each day.

Our immune system is an internal network of tissues, cells, and organs that work together to eliminate foreign pathogens that enter our bodies. There is one particular set of cells that are central to all of this: White blood cells.

White blood cells can be divided into lymphocytes and phagocytes. Also known as B-cells and T-cells, Lymphocytes destroy antigens that get into your body.

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They also memorize the chemical makeup of these antigens, allowing them to respond quickly in the event that they get into your bloodstream again.

Phagocytes assist your B-cells and T-cells by absorbing the invading antigens, which contains them, stopping them from spreading.

As well as protecting you from invaders, the immune systems can also detect and eliminate cells in your body that are malfunctioning.

Once the cells are found, the immune system starts a process called apoptosis, also known as cell death, which prevents the defective cells from multiplying and forming tumors.

The Immune System and the Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is still a relatively new discovery, and researchers are still studying the role it has to play in our bodies. What we do know is that the ECS assists in establishing and maintaining the balance between the various systems of the body.

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Your body can produce endocannabinoids to help it regulate cell function. This includes the cells in your immune system.

The Effects of CBD On the Immune System

As previously mentioned, studies have shown CBD to be capable of influencing your immune system.

In particular, researchers have found that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and it can function as an immunomodulator and an immunosuppressant.

A large majority of the studies on CBD’s immunosuppressant properties are chocked full of complicated scientific terminology, so here’s a quick summary of how it works:

  • CBD is an anti-inflammatory. It helps the immune system to isolate infected areas via inflammation, which stops toxins from spreading.
  • CBD assists cellular death.
  • CBD prevents rapid cellular growth.
  • CBD can modulate and suppress the production of groups of proteins in your immune system. These proteins signal molecules that regulate various processes of your immune system.
  • CBD suppresses the production of chemokine, which move immune cells to infection sites, allowing white blood cells to attack the microbes. 
  • CBD can suppress your body’s T-cell production. This ultimately suppresses your immune system’s ability to memorize the makeup of invaders.


The list is extensive. To a typical person, however, the list is full of affects you would want to avoid.

You don’t exactly want to stop your body’s inflammation response, as it isolates toxins. You don’t want to prompt unnecessary cell death, and you don’t want to prevent healthy cell growth.

You definitely don’t want to stop the productions of the proteins that lead white blood cells to where they’re needed. Lastly, you absolutely don’t want to get in the way of your T-cells functioning.

Doing this affects your body’s ability to destroy antigens, and to remember them for next time.

So, is CBD really good for your immune health?

CBD and Autoimmune Diseases

Due to its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant qualities, CBD is not an ideal immune supplement for the average healthy person.

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However, for people suffering from an autoimmune disease, CBD is an excellent choice of treatment.

What is an autoimmune disease?

Simply put, it’s when your immune system has an issue that prevents it from working properly.

Typically, your immune system turns on itself, attacking healthy tissue instead of foreign microbes and antigens. These attacks can happen anywhere in your system, and often can have very damaging, lasting effects.

In extreme cases, autoimmune diseases can be life-threatening. What is an autoimmune disease?

As of right now, we are aware of over 80 types of autoimmune illnesses. The most common examples of autoimmune disease include HIV/AIDS, diabetes, sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and Huntington’s disease.

Can CBD Help with Autoimmune Diseases?

As we have mentioned, we know that CBD is an immunomodulator and an immunosuppressant.

We also know that it has anti-inflammatory qualities. Inflammation causes, or at the very least contributes, to a lot of autoimmune diseases. So using CBD as a treatment can assist with the reduction of that inflammation.

Can You Use CBD for Pain Relief?

For those who suffer from hyperactive immune systems that attack their own tissues, CBD’s immunosuppressant properties can benefit them.

There is still a long way to go with research about how CBD interacts with the immune system, but our initial discoveries are very promising.

CBD has potential applications as a more natural treatment for suffers from autoimmune diseases.

Note: Seek professional medical advice before using CBD

Where Can I Get CBD If I Have an Autoimmune Disease?

There are smoking stores all over the country that supply CDB, and various other cannabis-related products.

Particularly, if you are in Maryland you should check out Mr. Smoke.

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As well as the implied smoking equipment we have, we also stock a great selection of CBD products, and our staff is ready and able to help you with and medical inquiries you might have.

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