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Detoxification (detox for short) is the process of removing toxins from any living being. In this case, the focus is on removing said toxins from the bodies of human beings. Whether it be a result of bodily processes, just carrying out normal daily activities, pollution, or activities such as smoking, the body is exposed to harmful toxins almost daily. Unfortunately, instead of removing the toxins through natural processes, the body instead stores them. As the concentration of these toxins increases, the risk of illnesses such a as cancer also increases.

These illnesses surface when the body experiences what is known as toxic overload, which is where the concentration of toxins becomes so great that it begins to reveal itself in the form of adverse effects on the body. The idea behind the detox process is to prevent the body from getting to such a dangerous point.

There are several ways to get a detox done with a variety of products, however, the focus for this piece is on three groupings of products. These are mouthwashes, shampoos or body washes, and drinks. All three product groupings are offered by Mr. Smoke.

Detox Mouthwashes

One of the most prominent windows for toxin entry to the body is that of the mouth. There is a saying that states that “the mouth is the dirtiest place of the body,” and not only is this true, but it also means that the saliva that resides in the mouth is a holding space for many harmful materials. These toxins can be the result of simple processes such as breathing, or they can be the result of certain dietary choices. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t change the fact that the buildup of these toxins is mitigated. As you can see from the text in the image above, a detox mouthwash provides toxin removal from saliva and some even provide a short window of shielding salivary glands from accumulating more toxins.

Detox Shampoos and Bodywashes

Organs and organ systems are some of the primary housing sites for toxins. The storage of toxins by the body largely takes place at the cellular level. Cells make up tissues, which make up organs. Therefore, the composition of organs make them risk factors. The body’s largest organ is the skin though it is not viewed as such by many persons. The skin can retain toxins and its large surface area makes it a high-risk factor. Detox shampoos and bodywashes are responsible for removing toxins from the outer areas of the body.

Detox Drinks

As you can see in the image above, detox drinks provide the body with relief of toxins throughout its systems. This is because the drink travels through the body as opposed to a mouthwash or a shampoo that are restricted to select areas. Drinks pass through the digestive system and are absorbed into the bloodstream before parts of it are excreted as waste. This results in the performing of an internal cleanse.

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