Chillum vs. Three-Hole Pipes

The smoking world is growing more and more by the day. With the increasing number of smokers, both recreational and habitual, there’s no shortage of smoking supplies on the market. You can find a large variety of herbs, hand pipes, and other smoking tools from countless smoke shops. However, if you’re looking for a good time and quality materials, give Mr. Smoke MD a try. If you’ve wondered about the differences between different pipes, specifically between a chillum and a three-hole pipe, this article’s for you.

What’s a Chillum?

A chillum is a type of hand pipe that was first used by Hindu monks in ancient India. Chillum pipes are smaller than regular hand pipes, including spoons. These pipes are different from regular pipes because they don’t have a carburetor, which is the hole on the side of the bowl. This hole is usually covered in a regular pipe to direct the airflow into the mouth, but without one, chillum pipes are a little less controlled. They continue to burn on their own until the source has run out, hence why they’re also called “one-hitters.”

Recently, chillums have come back into style because people realized that they give a stronger hit than a regular pipe does. They’re also much smaller than most pipes, making it easy to carry them discreetly, whether you have a concealment product or not. Plus, they’re usually inexpressive and easy to come by if you need a replacement. Today, they’re available in many shapes and designs, making them a popular choice among first-time smokers. 

What’s a Three-Hole Pipe?

A three-hole pipe is your standard hand pipe. The three holes on a regular hand pipe are the tobacco chamber, the smoke hole, and the mortise, which is the hole at the end of the shank that gets connected with the stem. Standard pipes have been around for several hundreds of years and remain a common choice for regular smokers. First-time smokers may prefer the ease of using a water pipe over a standard three-hole pipe, due to the often finicky nature of lighting the herb with a hand pipe.

Hand pipes are useful when you know how to use them. They generally give good, strong hits, but only if you have the correct packing technique. Herbs that are packed too lightly don’t get an even burn around them. On the other hand, herbs that are packed too tightly are harder to inhale the smoke from and make for trickier lighting. 

Which One is Better?

Deciding between a chillum and three-hole pipe depends on you. Many people first start using hand pipes with the chillum because it generally has fewer steps to get the herbs lit correctly. On the other hand, once you master a pipe, it’s even easier than using a chillum for most smokers. It’s recommended to try a chillum pipe first before a standard hand pipe, especially if you’re new to the smoking world. Regardless of which type of pipe you use, it’s

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