Bats and One Hitters

Pipes are interesting tools in the smoking world. They are used by a specific set of persons, but that subset is broken into further subsets based on preferences. There are numerous designs for pipes that have just as many purposes and so each person tends to find the kind of pipe that gives the experience they are looking for before they settle on a design.


Note, however, that there are persons who do not always stick to this golden rule, and so they check out and use different designs whenever they are seeking a different experience. As a matter of fact, there are pipe users that own entire collections of various pipes, which are sometimes used or simply decorative. Two such designs are known as bats and one hitters, which have a very specific look and purpose. Below is a brief overview of each of these types of pipes.

What Is a Bat?

A bat is not a long or as large as what most consider normal pipes. They are typically compact, they have a hole on each end, and a bowl on one end. Note that bats are also primarily made up of metal, and the type of metal used varies from bat to bat. The end that houses the bowl is sometimes removable but there is only a small hole in the area and so any loaded herb does not get the chance to run out of the pipe, which means that smokers get the benefit of enjoying every bit of the loads they pay for.        

What Is a One Hitter?

One hitters are incredible pieces to include in any pipe collection. They are usually used by more experienced cannabis users as newer ones are usually not aware that they exist. They come in a variety of designs and can be made up of metal or glass. While some opt to retain the distinct look of a small glass ornament, others decide that they prefer their one-hitter to appear like a cigarette for discretion reasons as they wish for a more private smoking experience.

Bats and One Hitters in Maryland


As the name implies, a one hitter does not hold a lot of cannabis. In fact, they usually hold a quantity that is suitable for a single hit. The small quantity is one of the main reasons people use the one hitter as not only does it allow people to conserve their stash better, but it also serves people well who enjoy smoking, but are only interested in micro dosing. As a matter of fact, people with a low tolerance and medical patients use one hitters to benefit from the positive effects of cannabis without sacrificing their bodily functionality temporarily.

How to Obtain Bats and One Hitters

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