5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Water Pipes

Water pipes have been around for several hundred years. While the first water pipe originated from bamboo sticks, today’s water pipes come in all shapes and sizes. The water pipes you see today are almost completely customizable. You can choose the size, shape, and exterior design.

Several types of water pipes can even be completely disassembled to make it easier to travel with. If you’re on the fence about using a water pipe, here are five facts that are sure to make you change your mind.

Water Pipes Gives a Better Taste

The first and probably most important fact about water pipes is that they give a better taste. When you use traditional smoking pipes, there’s always the chance of inhaling a bit of the ash from the herb itself. This leaves a bitter aftertaste, not to mention a dry mouth because of that ash. Water pipes allow for longer drags and less interference, and because they require inhaling smoke, there’s no ash in the picture.

You Get Smoother Quality

Many people prefer using water pipes because they give a smoother quality to the smoking experience. The water in the base of the pipe serves two purposes. It cools down the smoke, but it also filters the smoke before you inhale it.

This natural filter helps remove the air bubbles and gives you a smoother pull every time. Traditional smoking methods don’t use water to filter, which is what makes water pipes so effective and popular.

Pipes are Healthier for You than Traditional Smoking

Traditional smoking methods require you to pull in hot smoke just a few inches away from the burning source. Over time, this smoke does damage to your throat and lungs because of the heat. However, this isn’t an issue with water pipes. Water pipes are designed in a way that utilizes the water to cool down the smoke before you inhale it. Cooler smoke doesn’t harm your lungs like hot smoke does, so you can continue using your water pipe for longer. No one wants lasting negative effects on their health, and water pipes help make that possible.

Water Pipes = Collector’s Value

Water pipes are great for your health, but they’re also good for your wallet. They’re more expensive to buy initially, but they quickly make up for it after a few uses. Water pipes are also seen as collector’s items. With the unique and creative designs on the base of the pipe, your water pipe can easily sell for several hundreds of dollars. Depending on the structural and aesthetic design, you can start your own collection of water pipes.

Limited edition pipes can either be sold again for a handsome price or be added to the collection as a trophy purchase. Either way, whether you save or sell you water pipes, your wallet is in for a treat.

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