Regular Bags vs. Smell Proof Bags

There are some things that every smoker has to deal with, regardless of how long you’ve been smoking or how experienced you are. This includes dealing with the smell of whatever you’re smoking. Different herbs and substances have various smells when they’re burned, but the outcome is the same. Their smoke and scent fills up the room almost instantly, but it takes forever to get that smell out of both the room and surrounding furniture.

Some stronger herbs have a potent smell even when they’re not being burned. For example, various strains of cannabis smell very strongly, regardless of if you burn it or not. Its smell lingers on clothing and stays in the air for a long time even if you spray a deodorizer or air freshener. The strong smell of herbs becomes a problem when a smoker is trying to be discreet about it. Many smokers find that despite putting their herbs in a plastic bag, they’re still trying to mask the smell. When it comes to plastic bags storage, smell proof bags have the edge on keeping the smell in. Here are the main differences between regular bags and smell proof bags.

Regular Bags

Everyone has used a plastic bag at some point. Plastic bags have been around for several decades now and have become a staple in the house goods department. These bags make storage easy and convenient, as you can see exactly what you’ve put in the bag. This also helps with keeping small items organized, like beads or small pieces of a pipe.

Not only are these types of bags great for storage, but they’re also perfect for travel. You can carry your bag wherever you need to go without taking up too much space. Whether you’re travelling on an airplane or just taking your lunch to work, important items are kept safely in the bags.

Plastic bags are also very affordable. You can buy several hundred bags for less than $20.00, and that’s pretty impressive when you consider how much you would pay for a regular bag. On top of that, it’s not hard at all to buy a plastic bag. Their popularity makes them easy to find. You can travel to any dollar store or market and find plastic bags there. The accessibility of these bags is another huge plus. 


Despite the many benefits of plastic bags, they do have some weaknesses. Plastic bags don’t do a good job of containing the smell of whatever’s inside. This isn’t an issue for items that have little or no smell, like jewelry or potato chips. But strong smelling things, like herbs or metal, are harder to contain.

Pipes are Healthier for You than Traditional Smoking

Traditional smoking methods require you to pull in hot smoke just a few inches away from the burning source. Over time, this smoke does damage to your throat and lungs because of the heat. However, this isn’t an issue with water pipes. Water pipes are designed in a way that utilizes the water to cool down the smoke before you inhale it. Cooler smoke doesn’t harm your lungs like hot smoke does, so you can continue using your water pipe for longer. No one wants lasting negative effects on their health, and water pipes help make that possible.

Smell Proof Bags

This is where smell proof bags come into play. A smell proof bag is basically just an upgraded plastic bag. It has all of the perks of your average plastic bag, but with the added bonus of extra strong scent security. Most plastic bags are made of durable materials, but their focus is not containing smells. Rather, their manufacturers focus on creating a bag that won’t rip or tear open under a lot of pressure. They do hold in smells, but to a certain extent. Smell proof bags are made to contain heavy smells, without compromising any benefits of regular plastic bags.

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Regular Bags vs. Smell Proof Bags

Smell proof bags are made of materials that heavily mask the scent of whatever they’re carrying. Your herbs stay secure and are tightly sealed into the bag, so nothing comes in and nothing gets out. These bags are perfect for travelling or discreet storage and are available for affordable purchase at Mr. Smoke MD.

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