3-Piece Grinder vs. Multiple Chamber Grinder

A big part of smoking is the herbs. These are truly the stars of the show here. Without good herbs, your smoking experience can be downright awful, so it’s important to find a reputable supplier, like Mr. Smoke MD.

Another important part of smoking is how you actually smoke the herb. Some herbs and substances work better in a traditional smoking roll, while others taste better in a water pipe. However, how you use your herb all boils down to its consistency. The herbs used in a smoking joint would need to be small enough to fit in the wrapper, but not so small that you can’t even see them. Similarly, if you want to make some edibles out of CBD, depending on your personal preferences, you might want it to be very fine or just an oil altogether. This is where many people find herb grinders to be useful.

Some stronger herbs have a potent smell even when they’re not being burned. For example, various strains of cannabis smell very strongly, regardless of if you burn it or not. Its smell lingers on clothing and stays in the air for a long time even if you spray a deodorizer or air freshener. The strong smell of herbs becomes a problem when a smoker is trying to be discreet about it. Many smokers find that despite putting their herbs in a plastic bag, they’re still trying to mask the smell. When it comes to plastic bags storage, smell proof bags have the edge on keeping the smell in. Here are the main differences between regular bags and smell proof bags.

3-Piece Grinder

From the many different herb grinders out there, the most common and tried-and-true method is the herb grinder. A popular variation of this product is the three-piece grinder. As the name suggests, a three-piece grinder has three components that come together to form a crusher. You start off with two pieces that serve as the grinding portions, with the third piece works as a catcher for the ground up herb.

This is similar to the two-piece grinder, except it provides a finer product. The extra grinding piece really breaks down the herb well. Depending on how many times you use it on a single batch, you can get a substance that’s good for both smoking rolls and combining in edibles. The three-piece grinder is also great because it has built-in storage. As the herbs are ground into smaller bits, they fall into the lower portion of the chamber. This doesn’t provide a complete air-tight seal, but it does make it easier to carry the herbs around. All things considered, the three-piece grinder is a great basic tool to have when you want to crush your own herbs.  

Multiple Chamber Grinder

 Another version of the herb grinder is the multiple chamber grinder. The multiple chamber grinder is a bit more refined than the three-piece. Like the three-piece grinder, this version has more than one chamber for your herbs. After the herb you add is ground into smaller pieces, these pieces fall into the lower chambers. However, the multiple chamber grinder includes a sifter that allows for the collection of even finer products. If you wanted to make a super fine powder substance, adding this sift in the chamber is the way to go. It only allows the smallest particles through, so you’re left with a nice powder at the bottom of the chamber.

Some multiple chamber grinders also come with detachable storage compartments. These are great for when you want to take your herbs on the go, without having to take the grinder with it. Multiple chamber grinders are better designed for those users who like fine pieces of herbs, but also use powder substances every now and then.

Which One is Better?

If you’re stuck between picking a three-piece or multiple chamber grinder, think about what your regular smoking session needs. Do you use more powders to make edibles and oils, or do you need larger pieces for smoking in rolls? Also think about how you store your products. If you want something that provides an airtight seal, chances are you’re going to need a separate container from the one that comes with your grinder. If you don’t mind having a regular seal on your herbs, any grinder you choose can likely do the trick. You can find both the three-piece and multiple chamber grinder, as well as several other smoking materials at Mr. Smoke MD.      

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